Mad Max – In which I live-tweet the first three movies.

I am writing a review of Mad Max: Fury Road for Vice. To prepare, I recently watched all three original Mad Max films and live-tweeted them.

I was struck by levels of deep concept and artistry in 1 and 2, and how 3 really moved another direction (with Tina Turner, a huge soundtrack, and a lot of stagnant scenes in Barter Town). Even it has its good qualities.

Here are the storifies of my tweets.

  • Mad Max – In which Max doesn’t really get mad until there’s about 10 minutes left in the film.
  • Mad Max: The Road Warrior – In which there is a dog. And it dies. I’m still not over that.
  • Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome – Who runs Barter Town?!?!?

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