Medicalizing Candidates – Clinton Nods

The current right-wing anti-Clinton meme is that she secretly has epilepsy (as evidenced by her nodding once and as evidenced by her needing support from aides while walking up icy stairs in heels). From that central meme, others have emerged, finding fertile ground in the segment of our country desperate to disqualify Clinton from the presidency by any means. I’m not linking to any of the main coverage, but it’s all over FOX and, I’m told, is dominating the alt-right media (Infowars, etc.). 

Here’s a Washington Post piece on Hannity’s prime-time “story” on Clinton’s health.

Every night this week, Fox News’ Sean Hannity has drawn attention to a story that was largely debunked before Monday morning. Again and again, Hannity has summoned a “Fox News Medical A-Team” to probe the claim that Hillary Clinton has serious medical issues, covered up by a press that won’t demand her medical records.

Hannity’s crusade has given the theories of a looming Clinton health crisis their highest-profile airing. A year ago, when Republicans hoped that one of several younger candidates would win their nomination, jokes about Clinton’s age and health were rampant. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said at the Conservative Political Action Conference that the Democratic nomination fight looked like “an episode of ‘Golden Girls.'” The Washington Free Beacon ran jokey investigations of a photo that showed Clinton holding the back of a chair, asking whether she was using a walker. (She was not.)

With Trump’s recent moves hiring alt-right media leaders to help direct his campaign, we’re going to see a lot more of this coming out. It’s been permeating Trump’s recent speeches (“short-circuit” is, I think, code for epilepsy).  Stay tuned.

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