Mercy Killing Watch: Article Explores Murderer’s Justification for Killing Disabled Daughter

I need to read more murder journalism. Does non-disability-related murder spend as much time exploring how killers justify their crimes?

Here’s WaPo on Bonnie Lilitz, who killed her daughter:

Bonnie Liltz, it seemed, had reached a desperate moment.
At home in a Chicago suburb late last spring, Liltz penned a final note to her family, authorities said.
“I am so sorry to put you all through this but I can’t leave my daughter behind,” she wrote, according to court documents cited by the Chicago Tribune. “I am having difficulty breathing now,”
She added: “If I go first, what will happen to her? I don’t want her to live in an institution for the rest of her life. She is my life.”

This is the lede. Notice how from the opening, it’s centering the mother’s justification for her horrific acts.

Caregiver murder is my next project (not starting until Fall, really). But I’m watching.

From 2014: Me on London McCabe’s death and the need for victim-centered narratives.

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