Michael Marshall – Homeless, Disabled, Black, In Custody, Dead from Prone Restraint

Michael Marshall is the latest victim of the Cult Of Compliance.

Last November Marshall, who had schizophrenia, was placed into prone restraint and died, choking on his own vomit. This piece discusses the technique and links it to the death of Ethan Saylor and Eric Garner.

Notice how the DA places blame for Marshall’s death on his disability.

Denver officials on Friday released surveillance footage of deputies’ encounter with Michael Marshall, 50, a homeless man who had been jailed for trespassing and died because of “complications of positional asphyxia,” according to the medical examiner.

District Attorney Mitch Morrissey said he wouldn’t file criminal charges against the six deputies involved, saying multiple factors, including lung and heart disease, also contributed to the death. The deputies’ use of force was necessary against the struggling inmate, Morrissey said. 

Intersections: Race, class, disability, the carceral state. The criminalization of homelessness. So much more. It’s everything I write about in one horrific, fatal, episode.

And no one is being held accountable.

Here’s the video. Obvious trigger warnings apply.

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