Monday Morning Masculinity – Imagination

Yesterday, my daughter said: “Daddy, let’s make a rocket ship!” She had her eye on a cardboard box that used to hold puzzles. I said, “Let’s go!”

Ok, well, first I said, “I have to finish re-arranging my bedroom so I have a place to sleep tonight,” then I did just that, then I said “let’s go.” But it makes for a better story if I lie to you.

Often, I Mondays, I talk about what it means to be a man, a father, a husband – challenges, triumphs, and re-definitions. This is a pretty standard definition really, but here’s the key:

Let the child lead. Follow their imagination.

Use your skills to bring their imagination to life. My skills are pretty minimal when it comes to construction and art, but I think the two of us did a good job. Remember kids don’t want perfection, they want engagement.

Finally – When a child imagines something then tries to make it, you are nurturing creativity. Creativity is a pathway to critical thinking and analysis. There are few things more important to inculcate in a child’s mind.

Also, it’s a wicked cool rocket ship!

Here are four thousand words worth of pictures.


(I’m gonna need more duct tape)

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