Shifting Gears: March Blogging

I got a lot done on my book in February, but I got more done chasing big stories. Here are some:

They include disability and politics, job discrimination, higher education scandals, and more. I wrote some widely read blogs (1000+ is what equals widely read for me, in case you’re wondering). I feel like I had some impact, particularly pushing the Houston faculty senate slide viral, and breaking the story of widespread illegal clauses in HR forms. 
And now it’s time to give this month entirely over to the book (plus music and teaching and organizing a major expo and the release of a white paper on police use of force against disabled individuals I co-wrote. Ow. March is busy!). Blog posts will still come, but will be more of the “Here’s a link + 1 sentence descriptor” variety.
I’ll remain active on social media, and be plenty chatty. Just shifting gears here. Thanks for a great month!

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