Sunday Roundup – Disability, Police Violence, and Going Public

I’m back from an annual conference that medievalists hold in Kalamazoo, MI. Here’s the round-up for the week.

At the conference I spoke about public engagement and why a medievalist might write for CNN about Sarah Palin. I also linked to a great blog post thinking about management vs administration in higher education. Earlier in the week, I wrote some initial thoughts on possible relationships between blogging and scholarship, arguing that blogging could count.

Police violence returned to my blog this week. I co-wrote an essay on police violence and disability for The Atlantic, blogged about it here, wrote a long and I think important followup, and also talked about the cult of  compliance in light of the trial of Cecily McMillan (Occupy NYC)

Finally, I was really happy to see a friend of mine publish a piece on not joining the “Selfless Mother Club” in Chicago Parent. Positive stereotypes can demean, if not cruelly. We can do better.

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