Sunday Roundup – Eden Foods,

Unexpectedly, Eden Foods became my big story of the last few weeks. It introduced my writing to thousands of new readers, for which I am grateful. 

I came to this topic because it’s about language and power. 
Like any consumer, I wrote Eden to complain, got their response, and thought, “grotesque,” now there’s an interesting word. A week later, ten thousand views, three pieces on my blog,  a radio interview, a new CNN piece, and I’m now deeply invested in the topic.
I’ll have one more blog tomorrow on Eden, so check back in the morning.
I wrote two pieces on medieval metaphors, and why it’s vital that we understand both the ways that history does and does not inform our current situation. The first was a quick hit on Karl Steel’s blog and his critique of using “feudal economy” to describe our current situation. Our current situation is vastly more unequal. 
The second worked from Stephanie Miller, a liberal radio host that I like, criticizing the “war on women” as medieval. It’s the modern elements that concern me.

I also wrote one more essay on Down syndrome diagnosis. It’s much more likely that you will be called on to support someone who has had a diagnosis than to receive one yourself. Be ready. My friends got themselves ready and helped us immensely as we struggled in those first hours.
I’m buried in copyedits on a 90,000-word book. Blogging may be limited. 

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