Sunday Roundup: Four Strong Essays

    Last week I was working on footnotes, so I didn’t plan any pieces. Naturally, I wrote four essays that are some of the most-read pieces in the history of the blog.
      In reaction to the UCSB shooting, I wrote a piece on Elliot Rodger and Intersectionality. I coined something called “The shrug,” in which either as a silencing tactic or out of genuine bewilderment, people say, “it’s too complicated,” and shrug. Intersectionality was developed as a concept in order to respond to events like this (and less tragic ones too).
    And then I watched the meltdown of the internet’s current most famous male feminist, Charles Clymer (no link given on purpose). He joins a long line of male feminists who couldn’t take criticism and blew it. So I wrote, Talking While Privileged – A continuing series. These are my 5 rules:
    1. Don’t talk at all. Listen for awhile. 
    2. It’s not about you (it’s about the people with less privilege)
    3. It’s sometimes about you (i.e. it’s very important that men talk to men about rape)
    4. It’s always about them, so amplify their voices.
    5. When you speak, don’t expect gratitude and take criticism graciously.
    Switching topics, at the bus stop, a girl who wanted to help my son said, “It’s so sad when people have special needs.”I did my best to answer her, and then talked about all the ways my son is and isn’t included. It’s not so sad, but it is a lot of work, and we need allies.
    Finally, a mother wrote me after her son was hurt by a boy with Down syndrome in a play area. She was upset, felt that people were shaming her, but felt that the boy with Down syndrome was unable to be held accountable for his actions. What should/could she do? I answered, to the best of my ability
    Between, you and me, that answer needs to be 500 words shorter. I’ll work on it, as it’s a new topic but one I think it going to come back around more often.
    In other news, I’m writing a book and have some columns to write next week, so we’ll see how much I get to blog. I hope to have news on the new book by the end of the month (depending on when the next round of copyedits come in).

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