Sunday Roundup – Off to Camping!

We are taking our family camping for the first time since our son was an infant. My wife and I love to camp, though we never did it as much as we would have liked before we had kids. Then Nico was born and it quickly just all seemed too hard, too complicated, too exhausting. As he got older and his diet restricted, so many of the pleasures of camping seemed out of reach for us, and so we stopped.

Now we’re ready. I’ll be out of town for a few days and not blogging. I know the blog activity has been light the last few weeks and I haven’t published many essays. Instead, I’m working on a Big Project I’ll tell you a little about at the end of next week. I also have two or three other Big Projects coming up, so my work pattern is shifting in thrilling ways. I’ll announce them as I’m able. Thanks for sticking with me.

Here’s what I blogged about last week:

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