Sunday Roundup: Police Violence and Writing Books

I spent a lot of the last week thinking about and writing about police violence.
I had a piece about the LAPD shooting come out from CNN that talked about looking at use of force incidents using a broad timeframe, not just concentrating on the moment of death. I followed on that in three blog posts.
Moreover, I’ll have much more to say on Sheehan vs SF in the next few weeks. 
I also wrote a piece called: The Ferguson PD is NOT medieval. It’s modern white supremacy that I’m particularly happy with. I think the way we use “medieval” to impose distance between us and modern aspects of the world that we don’t like is a problem and I aim to stand opposed to it.
Meanwhile, I had two higher-ed pieces.
  • I’m curious if your university links diversity and disability, and how they do so. I wrote – Crowdsourcing: Disability as Diversity at Universites.
  • Also, in case you missed it, I wrote a book! Over at Chronicle Vitae I had an essay published on writing books as a teaching-college professor. I argued – Let Books be Books, not mandatory career stepping stones.
Next week I hope to see an Al Jazeera piece on Sheehan vs SF published, as well as a higher-ed essay on the “Dear Student” controversy. Meanwhile, I’ll be writing a piece on techies as public intellectuals and a medieval history talk I’m giving at a conference on Thursday.
Thanks for reading!

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