Sunday Roundup: Prenatal testing and TASERs.

I’ve been busy researching several new pieces this week so the blogging has been a bit light. That’s likely to continue next week as well. Bear with me! Good stuff is coming.

The most important piece I wrote this week was about the efforts of a radical right-wing group to use Down syndrome prenatal testing as a wedge issue in the abortion wars. They do not care about living people with Down syndrome. They do not care about parents. They do not care about schools, inclusion, ABLE, or anything else – just wedge issues and abortion. They threaten the existence of the pro-information coalition. 
I had two pieces on TASERS – one general, one about Toronto, and another about police violence and the deaf. I am, in general, increasingly skeptical of CIT training and awareness efforts to protect the disabled. Police culture needs to change.
Finally, a thought or two about writing and the internet (and music). I am grateful for you, my readers, whether you are silent, a frequent commentator, or a writer yourself. The online community sustains my efforts. 

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