Sunday Roundup

Some weeks, when I look back at my posts, I admit to myself that I leaned heavily on other writers, linked to them, and provided little new content of my own. But this last week was different, if I may say so myself. I write these round-ups in hopes of catching a few more readers for some of the better pieces and I think there were a number of important issues that emerged over the week. Please read. Please share if you like something. Maybe your friends will too.

  • Monday: I took on Autism Speaks, citing two powerful essays that critique the popular, well-funded, and well-meaning charity (it’s the Komen foundation of Autism Charities) for 1) Not having anyone with autism actually “speak” for the organization. 2)  Their war metaphors.  Read this and share it, as you know people who are donating to Autism Speaks. I recommend the “Autism Self-Advocacy Network.” Their motto is “nothing about us without us.” I’m in.
  • Tuesday: I took on academic conference interviews as an issue of economic justice. This piece was widely shared, for which I am grateful, and contested politely, for which I am also grateful. I like pushback and counter-opinions, and I don’t pretend this issue is simple. But I do think I’m right. And on Wednesday I expanded on the first essay to explain why.
  • Thursday: More academia. The founder of Udacity, a big for-profit MOOC maker, packed up his toys and went home. I rely on a few smart commentators to parse the fallout and what comes next.
  • Friday: Inclusion is not same-ness, holiday version. I explore Ellen Lonquist’s thoughts on holidays for families with special needs.
  • Saturday: Another chapter in the cult of compliance, this time in a Miami Gardens convenience store.
  • Sunday: And earlier today, the highlight of my week, Nico’s holiday show and more on inclusion not being same-ness, this time with super awesome cute video.

Thank you for reading.

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