Sunday Roundup

I was out of town this weekend, so here’s a late Sunday roundup.

Kind of a grim week: 

From the academic side:

I looked at faculty vs admin discourse, said I didn’t like it, then employed it by talking about the use of disability waivers for UCLA Deans to spend millions of dollars on first-class living. It irks me. I also talked about the cult of compliance at UVA. I also looked at some recent work in Queen Victoria and the reason I study history and memory, in Queen Victoria: Working Mom. Finally, the angry medievalist in me noted that anti-vaxxers are not medieval savages, but terribly modern.

On the crime and “justice” side, two grim stories:

The shooting of a mentally-ill homeless man was well-covered by blogs and major media, but I wanted to note it in the context of the cult of compliance and disability.

But the worst, and least covered, story that I wrote about this week is about the intersection and rape culture and disability in New Jersey. A woman with MS was allegedly raped, and she has accused the police of both slut shaming/victim blaming and not pursuing the culprits. So if you don’t mind, share this story on your social media feeds and help me raise the profile.

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