Ableist Job Ads

I’ve written a lot about ableism in job ads. Here’s one from last year. I’ve never seen this before – I see it as a compromise move. For a disability services associate director at Texas Christian University: Physical Requirements (With or Without Accommodations): Visual acuity to read information from computer screens, forms and other printed … Continue ReadingAbleist Job Ads

Conservative Students at Wisconsin Are Happy

Dominant Narrative: Conservative students on liberal campuses are ostracized and marginalized and it isn’t fair and there should be balance. Data: Conservative students at UW Madison are doing fine. Politically conservative students instead were more likely to report feeling safe, respected and like they belong than students holding other political views. Conservative students also were … Continue ReadingConservative Students at Wisconsin Are Happy

Declaring Dominican University a Sanctuary Campus

My university, Dominican University, has declared itself a sanctuary campus. We have a long history as a national leader in supporting the rights of undocumented students to access higher education, including regular fund-raising to make that possible. In 2014 I wrote: Over the last few years at my Roman Catholic university, we have begun to … Continue ReadingDeclaring Dominican University a Sanctuary Campus

Books are Awesome (Returned Citizens go to Berkeley)

The New Yorker has a piece on formerly incarcerated people going to UC Berkeley. It’s long and interesting, with many good tidbits about life in prison, life in college, structural obstacles, but also genuine opportunities.  But I want to quote a few bits on how awesome books are. This is Murillo. At first, he read the … Continue ReadingBooks are Awesome (Returned Citizens go to Berkeley)

Diversity and Disability – The Case of Pomona College

I have a new Storify on disability and diversity at Pomona college. Pomona passed a new “diversity and inclusion” initiative for tenure and promotion, which has received a lot of press. Disability has not, to my knowledge, been mentioned. I’m interested in the general lack of overlap between diversity initiatives and disability services. I think it … Continue ReadingDiversity and Disability – The Case of Pomona College

Accommodations in Academia – Some positive models

As I wrote about the job discrimination ads last month for Al Jazeera America​, I kept thinking about the hashtag #ILookLikeAProfessor and Kelly J. Baker​’s work. My thesis is that the inadvertent part of this was based, at least in part, on people who had just never considered that a disabled person might be able … Continue ReadingAccommodations in Academia – Some positive models