Ableist Job Ads

I’ve written a lot about ableism in job ads. Here’s one from last year. I’ve never seen this before – I see it as a compromise move. For a disability services associate director at Texas Christian University:

Physical Requirements (With or Without Accommodations):

Visual acuity to read information from computer screens, forms and other printed materials and information.
Able to speak (enunciate) clearly in conversation and general communication.
Hearing ability for verbal communication/conversation/responses via telephone, telephone systems, and face-to-face interactions.
Manual dexterity for typing, writing, standing and reaching, flexibility, body movement for bending, crouching, walking, kneeling and prolonged sitting.
Lifting and moving objects and equipment up to 10 lbs.

I dunno. I like them saying accommodations, but they still could say communicate instead of speak, and the manual dexterity isn’t really necessary. 

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