Disability and the Death Penalty

I am just finishing edits on my sixth piece on the death penalty in the last two years for Pacific Standard. Here’s what I’ve written: First the Supreme Court established a better standard for determining whether someone was intellectually disabled (and thus protected from execution) by overturning the “Lennie” standard. Because Texas asked juries to … Continue ReadingDisability and the Death Penalty

Interview – Bruce Schneier and the Internet that Wants to Kill Us All!

NEW AT PACIFIC STANDARD! Is the problem that corporations want to sell the data generated from devices like an e-toothbrush?  In computer security, we have something called the CIA triad: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Most of what we worry about with data is confidentiality. That’s the Equifax hack, or the Office of Personnel Management hack, … Continue ReadingInterview – Bruce Schneier and the Internet that Wants to Kill Us All!

ADAPT: Effective Activism takes Practice

I interviewed Anita Cameron for Pacific Standard about the WORK that goes into ADAPT actions. ———– So you stage mock actions to practice? What are those like? It can be anything! It’s usually taking over something: An office, a bathroom, whatever, to simulate, as close as possible, what you do [in a real protest]—the adrenaline, the chaos, … Continue ReadingADAPT: Effective Activism takes Practice

Bad Historical Metaphors – #MeToo and Witch Hunts

New piece in Pacific Standard on historical language and victimization claims: As a historian and journalist, the use of these loose metaphors to protect the powerful has concerned me for years. This latest push against serial sexual harassment in media and entertainment, as noted by BuzzFeed journalist (and Pacific Standard contributor) Anne Helen Petersen, has driven … Continue ReadingBad Historical Metaphors – #MeToo and Witch Hunts

Powell: Parents with Disabilities Fight to Keep Kids

For Pacific Standard, Robyn Powell writes about the rights of parents with disabilities. Around the country, parents are routinely placed at risk of losing their children due only to the fact that they (the parents) are disabled. She writes: Nearly one in 10 children in the United States are at risk of being removed from … Continue ReadingPowell: Parents with Disabilities Fight to Keep Kids