Euphemisms Spread Stigma – Study on “Special Needs”

@LaurieBerkner we should talk someday about “special needs” vs “disabled.” 🙂 Though I admit most parents like the former. — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) February 14, 2017 My son’s love of music is known across the multi-verse, specifically Hamilton and the band Flogging Molly (though yesterday he chose and danced to Alan Jackson’s, “5:00 somewhere”).  But … Continue ReadingEuphemisms Spread Stigma – Study on “Special Needs”


There’s a new hashtag campaign around saying the word “disability.” It is initiated and led by my friend and writing companion Lawrence Carter-Long. I am wildly in favor. I am trying, in my writing this year, to write the sentence: “There are no special needs, only needs” as often as possible. We all have needs. … Continue Reading#SayTheWord