On “In-Class” Tests

Once upon a time the¬†Chronicle of Higher Education¬†created a webby bloggy site called¬†Chronicle Vitae. The idea is that it would be Linkedin but for higher ed (I think. They never told freelancers like me!) with jobs, profiles, connections, messaging, and blog posts and I wrote a bunch of pieces for them. But it’s all offline … Continue ReadingOn “In-Class” Tests

Resources: Trigger Warnings in the Classroom

The issue of trigger warnings in the classroom, whether they are useful, attack academic freedom, are to protect our helicopter-parented elite students, or what, has become a fairly important topic in higher ed circles. I’m writing an essay on it now. Here is a list of resources. Please recommend additional materials. Start with Amanda Marcotte … Continue ReadingResources: Trigger Warnings in the Classroom