A Good Day to be a Teacher

Today at my university, over 250 students will spend the day sharing the fruits of their labors. The presentations will range from short-term semester-long projects to panels and talks on capstone projects on which the students have been working for years. We’ll have a presentation on beekeeping, staged readings of 10-minute plays, music inspired by Dante, and so much more. Here’s a video.

This is a video (captioned) showing Dominican students talking about their research. It’s a year old, so many of these students have gone on to advanced degrees, good jobs, or other opportunities.

I’m the director of the Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Investigations program (URSCI) and organized (with so much help!!) the expo today. It’s been an enormous amount of work, as this is my first expo, but worth it.

I’ll be tweeting about it today from the expo, proudly.

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