The Cruelty of “Fiscal Conservatism” in Illinois

This is an absolute must-read. It’s a powerful description of the complexities of being a caregiver for an adult with developmental disability. It also demonstrates the cruelty of the austerian (who probably think of themselves as pro-life, for that matter).

I wrote an op-ed in Thursday’s Chicago’s Sun Times about the impact of Illinois’s budget crisis on services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A gentleman with initials “J.K.” read it, and sent me the below email.

My wife Veronica happened to see it, and composed the below response, which I am posting below.

The letter then describes their life. It’s complicated, difficult, and not lacrimose. Just a pragmatic discussion of what it in fact takes to care for adults with ID/DD.

Here’s the thing – They are willing to do this work, but they need a certain bit of help with respite care. That’s what the state can do.

Last spring I wrote a CNN piece on Bruce Rauner’s plan to pick on the most vulnerable members of our society. It’s got to be stopped.

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    1. David Perry says:

      So your claim doesn't meet the reported facts of the case. I'd be delighted to have you email me at lollardfish at gmail and tell your side of the story.

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