The Tooles on St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve been playing various types of folk music most of my adult life, but found the most steady work playing Irish pub music. “Pub” music is an act that requires mastery of a wide range of standards, played up tempo and often with maximum camp, but which also allowed for individual style and expression. We are a three-piece band that produces a lot of sounds, brings plenty of Appalachia (I’m from Nashville, my fiddler is from southern Ohio and went to school in rural Kentucky) and solid American rock (guitarist from near Milwaukee) into our mix.

I took a break to finish my PhD and have my first kid, but I’ve been playing with Kurt since 1997 or so. It’s been a good couple of decades. Amy joined us about 5 years ago and is the perfect third.

It’s going to be a good day. You can find us at:

Be safe, have fun, and we’ll all stagger home in the morning.

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