Trump Draft EO would Ban Disabled Immigrants

This is from a leaked executive order, published here. The Arc has an excellent statement on the disability implications. 
Text reads: “To propose for notice and comment a rule that provides standards for determining which aliens are inadmissible or deportable on public-charge grounds, and that specifies that an alien is inadmissible as a public charge if he is likely to receive, and is deportable … if he does receive, public benefits for which eligibility or amount is determined in any way on the basis of income, resources, or financial need.
Commentary: As I read it – I AM NOT AN IMMIGRATION LAW EXPERT – it will exclude any disabled immigrant who might need financial support, which is most of them. That might not be their goal for this rule, but it’s the effect. Such laws are common around the globe.

UPDATE: A twitter user pointed me to current law which is already difficult on disability and immigration. This seems like an intensification.

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