Vaccines – A Liberal Elite Conspiracy for Population Control?

EDIT: This is one of the most popular posts on the history of the blog. I assume many of you coming here are looking for confirmation that Vaccines are terrible. You won’t find them here. I am, however, fascinated by the way that anti-Vax language comes from both the right and the left and the way their epistemologies diverge and converge. If you want to see more of my writing on the anti-vax movement, especially involving special needs parenting, please read: Jenny McCarthy and Fear-based Parenting (, 7/17/2013) and The Public Health Menace of Jenny McCarthy (, 7/11/2013).

Vaccine Month continues with Louis Gohmert (R-TX), a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and Alan Keyes, former GOP presidential candidate.

In this video, then invoke a conspiracy theory that vaccines are intended to “cull” the population, as follows:

Gohmert pointed out that some liberals believed that the Earth was already over populated

“A lot of people who fancy themselves elites, right, because
they’ve made a lot of money, their names are all over the media and so
forth, they’ve really signed on to an agenda that requires the
depopulation of the globe,” Keyes explained. “And in the name of
fighting global climatological change, called global warming — that’s
proven to be something that’s wrong — they are saying that we’ve got to
cut back the population of the world.”

“Bill Gates gave a famous talk back in 2009, which he was talking
about actually abusing vaccinations, which are supposed to keep people
healthy and alive, and saying how this could lead to a 15 percent
reduction in the population of the globe as a way to achieve this
result,” he continued.

Keyes warned that elites had a plan to reduce the number of people in the world to 700 million “by culling the population.”

Many people look up to these men as their intellectual leaders.

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