Sunday Roundup

This week oscillated between vaccines (Jenny McCarthy begins at “The View” on the 9th) and the big Ethan Saylor news. I could write about Saylor every day, honestly, but I think the readers of this blog know how I feel on the issues.

Still, please remember that Gov O’Malley is resisting calls for an independent investigation and wants to look towards the future, not the past. I’m pretty angry about it as a man is dead and we still know so little about his final moments.

  • On Monday, I began Jenny McCarthy month in Texas, with an anti-vax mega-church suffering from measles.
  • On Tuesday, I move to Oregon, exploring the left-wing side of anti-vax thinking. The shared epistemologies between these radically diverse groups fascinate me. 
  • Wednesday was my favorite post of the week, as I pulled songs about whooping cough (and a few other preventable diseases) from the American music tradition. Pertussis has been making a strong come-back.
  • On Thursday, I wrote an open letter to Gov Martin O’Malley. He’s not especially inclined to listen and I’m glum.
  • Friday shifted to apocalyptic thinking about Syria from the American right.
  • And on Saturday I returned to vaccines and the conspiracy theory that liberal elites are promoting vaccines as a form of population control.

For the last few months, I’ve been posting every day and I expect that to continue. Readership has been steady and thank you! I’d probably talk to more people if I just blogged about parenting, especially heart-warming stories of success. Some of those blogs have thousands or tens of thousands of readers a day. I just can’t do it. I want to write about parenting, gender, disability, religion, history, politics, and whatever else crosses my mind. Please send me links! Please RT or Share or +1 my posts, if they happen to interest you. Again, thanks for reading.

Speaking of heart-warming stories of success, I’ll write about why these stories worry me so much later today.

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