Weekly Roundup

I have some new opportunities for regular published work, so the blog may slow down a bit. I’m very excited about it, but don’t want to jinx it yet. Stay tuned! Then again, writing usually inspires more writing, so I may do even more blogging, especially of link collections and resources.

I finished March with a piece on #CancelColbert. I really do think there’s something particular about the way that Asians and Asian-Americans are mocked/portrayed in our media, especially in comedy. It’s not my field of expertise, but I’ve been reading smart people all week and learning. I’m more knowledgeable about the portrayal of disability, especially intellectual disability, but I find the analogies important.

Speaking of analogies, I put out two resource pages for an essay I’m finishing this morning. One has links to adjuncts as slaves, the other to happy pieces about the rise of contingency work across the labor market. I also wrote a very quick piece (just links and quotes really) on the vines of Bethlehem, then and now. Mostly because I love Burchard of Sion’s 13th-century pilgrimage account.

But the important piece of the week, the one I’d like you to read, share, and RT, is this – Autism Speaks, But Not for Everyone (and say no to blue-washing). It’s about ableism, our perceptions of disability, and so much more.

Tomorrow, I hope to blog about the single most inspiring commercial I’ve seen lately. And no, it’s not that (lovely) graham cracker one.

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