Year in Review: Blogging 2015 and A Few Recommended Pieces

Yesterday I wrote about my year of published writing. Here’s my review of a year of blogging. 

I wrote 312 blog posts in 2015. They vary in length and topic and I have no means to search them and organized a word cloud or tag cloud. Help? 2015 also featured the great migration to Wix, aka total disaster, and the return here. The consequences are still playing out behind the scenes, as my search function has never really worked well again.
While the blog exists to house my scraps and opening thoughts when then unfold into formal essays other publications, some posts have found audiences beyond my expectations.
I like all these blog posts and am glad they did well. Here are a just two pieces, though, that you might have overlooked, both about adjunctification of higher education.
  1. I believe in academic conferences. They need to be both affordable and meaningful for the people for whom they are the most expensiveI talk about costs and hierarchies, and how to erode both.
  2. Free community college is great. But these new students need to be taught by full-time, salaried, faculty.
Thanks for reading. 

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