Betsy DeVos: Theocratic Vandal

New today at Pacific Standard;

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the damage that the Trump administration’s particular combination of incompetency and vandalism can do. The Republicans have empowered a class of people who either don’t understand federal policy or actively resist enforcing federal protections for the people and places in need. The first victims have been those multiply marginalized by factors such as race, class, gender identity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and, of course, disability. We’ve seen this manifest in the actions of Immigration and Customs Enforcement as the agency raids hospitals and prevents teenagers from accessing reproductive rights. But there’s no shortage of damage to come, and so many of the targets involve disability.

Someday soon there will be elections for local, state, and federal officials in your communities. Progressives need to explain that policy is a matter of life or death, so voters can see the consequences of these disastrous appointments in their lives. Because when a theocratic vandal takes control of the education system in America, no one’s access to a safe, high-quality public education is secure.


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