Happy Eid from a Rude Professor at Rutgers

The above tweet details a snotty response to a student asking for an excused absence for Eid Al Adha. It’s rude. It’s arrogant. It’s demeaning. It implies that the student is a liar and a slacker and insists the student brings in a note from their religious leader.

It also violates Rutgers’ religious holiday policy:

It is University policy (University Regulation on Attendance, Book 2, 2.47B, formerly 60.14f) to excuse without penalty students who are absent from class because of religious observance, and to allow the make-up of work missed because of such absence. Examinations and special required out-of-class activities shall ordinarily not be scheduled on those days when religiously observant students refrain from participating in secular activities. Absences for reasons of religious obligation shall not be counted for purposes of reporting.

Students are advised to provide timely notification to instructors about necessary absences for religious observances and are responsible for making up the work or exams according to an agreed-upon schedule.

I hope the student formally reports this professor.

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