Sunday Roundup – Cops, Ableism, Job Market

This week I had one published piece and a blog on the conference interview in academia, a practice that puts financial pressure on those with the fewest resources. It must end. My next step will be to try and understand why it isn’t ending.

I wrote a piece using the language of “presume compliance.” As a police officer who reads my blog commented (and who I learn a lot from), the presumption of compliance would lead law enforcement officers (LEOs) to absorb too much risk; and yet, how do we get to a sensible middle-road position without pushing hard in the other direction. So as a thought experiment, not as a real policy position, I will continue to think about a presumption of compliance as a principle. 
Meanwhile, South Carolina cop presumed non-compliance, shot someone, and was arrested and fired promptly thanks to video-camera evidence. Good work SC.

I shared a set of negative comments from CNN demonstrating Ableist Abuse. Grim, but it’s important to see the evidence.

Finally, Special Olympics Washington sponsored a Run From the Cops event which demonstrated both privilege and ignorance. They eventually changed it and offered a non-apology explanation for the event.

Did you know that white suburban America has “run from the cops” or “cops and robbers” or related events for fundraising all the time? More on this to come.

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