Weekly Roundup

Every Sunday, I offer a round-up of the links I posted this week. It’s been a good week with lots of interesting comments, RTs, Facebook replies, and other interaction. I love comments!

New feature: Under-read post that I really like – Please read: How to Write an Opinion Essay in 63 Easy Steps. I just think it’s funny, and I don’t do funny that often.

Last week:

  • Sunday Cardinal’s Law: Thinking about the metonymy between “catholic” and “sex abuse” in internet comment sections. 
    • Speaking of comments, Popular Science shut down theirs,
      citing a study that polarizing comments can be bad for knowledge and
      accuracy. I believe it. But if you dig into the study and responses to
      the study, you’ll see that the real conclusion is that a heavily
      moderated comment section is the best option. It’s just not an option
      that big websites with tens of thousands of comments can afford to do.
      But I can! 
  • Monday – I linked to a friend’s brilliant post on #JusticeForEthan and her reaction a bright yellow t-shirt that says: I have autism. Call 911. It’s very troubling. My friend writes: “It is not an individual’s responsibility to wear or show evidence of
    his or her diagnosis in order to remain safe and retain their basic
    civil rights
    .” I want us all to remember that.
  • Tuesday – provided the links to my latest piece on Pope Francis for context.
  • Wednesday turned to a bizarre story of a cap on bottle of Vitamin Water that read, “You Retard.”
  • Thursday was my 100th blog post. I asked for good stores about police and people with disabilities. The response was minimal and my effort was a failure. I’m going with new strategies, as I think these stories could be very important.
  • Friday was my most-read piece of the week – Barilla and Bigotry (and a Down Syndrome diet). We’re going to finish the boxes in my pantry then start trying new things. I’d really like the company to come out and issue a fulsome apology, a promise to try to be more inclusive in the future, and otherwise completely change their tone. The current non-apology apology doesn’t cut it. Of course, if Nico can’t shift textures, we will stick with Barilla. Nutrition trumps politics.
  • Saturday – Finally, I blogged about the latest piece on boys and gender from the great Soraya Chemaly. You should just read everything she writes.

So – disability, gender, popes, and noodles. A pretty typical week. Later, I’ll post about Ricky Gervais and his new show Derek.

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